Condor Tool & Knife Review

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You should always carry a good knife to camp, hunt, hike, or fish. Many underestimate how valuable a decent knife can be; it doesn’t have to be anything special. A basic knife can be used for many survival and recreational purposes.

However, the keyword is “good.” The knife should have a durable solid blade that can withstand much punishment yet delicate enough to take care of fine jobs, combined with a comfortable handle. These things might sound basic, but the reality is that many knives out don’t meet the basic criteria.

The Condor Tool & Knife, Bushlore Camp Knife is the perfect tool for any camping trip, plus so much more. This article reviews this knife to determine if it is suitable for you.

Condor Tool & Knife

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We want to take a closer look at the Condor Tool & Knife, Bushlore Camp Knife. It might look simple and unassuming, but looks can be deceiving.

Just because this knife isn’t flashy doesn’t mean it’s not durable or doesn’t work well. In fact, based on the design and the materials in its construction, the Condor Tool & Knife, Bushlore Camp Knife is one of the most durable and functional fixed-blade knives you could have in your camping arsenal.

It’s made with high-quality steel, has a solid handle, a full-tang, and has a great blade design. For the Condor Tool & Knife, Bushlore Camp Knife’s relatively low price, we think it’s a bargain; you get a high-end knife for a relatively low-end price.

Who Is This Knife For?

The Condor Tool & Knife, Bushlore Camp Knife is a knife that could be used by many people for many different purposes. For camping, it could be used to cut firewood and kindling, build a fire or shelter, and more.

It’s handy for survival purposes, including all the tasks mentioned before and hunting and foraging for food. It could also come in handy for cutting fishing lines and gutting fish.

A good knife like this can do it all, even signal for help by reflecting light. Of course, a knife is not just a tool but also a weapon, so it can be used as a self-defense tool against angry animals and people.

A fixed-blade knife can be used for more basic tasks such as cooking, sewing, and more. We think most people could find at least one use for the Condor Tool & Knife, Bushlore Camp Knife.

What’s Included?

When you purchase the Condor Tool & Knife, Bushlore Camp Knife, you get a fixed blade knife that measures 9.25”, with a 4-5/16” straight blade. This blade is made of high-quality, high-carbon steel. It has a walnut handle with a lanyard hole. In addition, it comes with a black leather belt sheath.

Overview of Features

First, this is a full-tang knife; the material from the blade, the billet, extends to the end of the handle. It’s one long piece of steel from the blade’s tip to the end of the handle. A full-tang design offers excellent balance and outstanding durability.

The blade measures 4-5/16”, making it moderate in length. It’s not the longest blade, but we like this in terms of portability and convenience. It’s not so large that it will be hard to use in tight spaces or for delicate tasks. In addition, it’s a straight-back blade.

The blade is made of 1075 high carbon steel, one of the best materials for knife blades. This steel is solid and provides good edge retention. Due to its composition, getting it sharp and grinding it to a fine edge is not difficult.

The Condor Tool & Knife, Bushlore Camp Knife weighs only 12 ounces, making it easy to maneuver without being cumbersome; it also helps in terms of portability.

Moreover, thanks to being made out of high-carbon steel, it’s also very resistant to corrosion, which is a good feature for outdoor use.

The handle of the Condor Tool & Knife, Bushlore Camp Knife is walnut, which is durable and water resistant. However, the handle is smooth, so it might get a bit slippery when wet, but other than that, it’s very comfortable to hold onto. There’s a lanyard hole in the handle.

It features an ergonomic design that allows you to comfortably hold onto it while maintaining a secure grip. The included leather sheath is both durable and functional.


There really isn’t much to know about using the Condor Tool & Knife, Bushlore Camp Knife, as it is a relatively simple fixed-blade knife. However, you should know how to sharpen it, and you can watch this knife sharpening tutorial to learn how.


  • Very durable
  • Easy to sharpen
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Good size and weight for most purposes
  • Comfortable handle
  • Full tang
  • Walnut handle


The handle can be a bit slick if wet


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If you don’t like the knife we looked at today, a good alternative is the SOG Seal Pup Elite Tactical Fixed Blade- Survival and Hunting Knife. The handle on this knife has some excellent texture, allowing for great grip even if it gets wet, plus the knife itself looks sleek.


Although the Condor Tool & Knife, Bushlore Camp Knife may not look special, it’s one of the more durable, functional, and comfortable fixed-blade knives available.

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