Kershaw Blur Black Pocketknife Review

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Are you searching for a small, portable, and simple knife that you can stuff in your pocket and have with you at all times? If so, we are about to review one such pocketknife.

Kershaw Blur Black Pocketknife


The Kershaw Blur Black Pocketknife is a reasonably priced yet functional and durable pocketknife. This option comes in about 10 different color and design choices, so you can get the one that catches your eye the most.

Who is This Product For?

The Kershaw Blur Black Pocketknife is designed for people who need a convenient small pocketknife that can be opened with the flick of a thumb and then folded back up and put back in your pocket for excellent portability.

It might not be a big knife, so you probably won’t be hunting with it, but it is ideal for basic jobs and survival scenarios.

What’s Included?

When you purchase the Kershaw Blur Black Pocketknife, you get a knife with a 3.5-inch stainless steel blade with a carbon coating and an anodized aluminum handle.

These are features that pocketknife lovers should appreciate, especially when it comes to the price.

Overview of Features

One of the features of the Kershaw Blur Black Pocketknife that really stands out is its small and lightweight design.

This is a folding pocketknife with a 3.5-inch blade and a total length of roughly 7 inches when unfolded. The knife weighs just over 4 ounces, making it relatively lightweight.

All in all, it’s a lightweight and compact knife that can fold up and easily be put in a pocket. To make it even more portable, the Kershaw Blur Black Pocketknife has a pocket clip.

Moreover, the Kershaw Blur Black Pocketknife features a stainless steel blade that is quite sharp and won’t lose its cutting edge anytime soon.

It features a so-called diamond-like carbon coating, which is said to be stronger than the steel itself. Overall, it’s quite a durable blade that should be able to resist corrosion, chipping, cracking, and more.

There are thumb knobs on either side of the blade so you can easily open the knife with either thumb – this knife is designed to be ambidextrous.

On that same note, it also comes with a torsion bar for fast deployment; you don’t need to use much force to open the knife, as it does most of the work on its own.

Once the Kershaw Blur Black Pocketknife is open, it features a secure locking mechanism to ensure that it doesn’t close on you while using it. You can easily open and close this knife with a single hand, and it’s all relatively safe.

The other notable feature is the 6061-T6 anodized aluminum handle, which is lightweight and durable, not to mention that it comes with so-called Trac-Tec inserts. These are specially designed to allow for maximum grip even in wet conditions.

Another feature allows for efficient and safe use. Just in case anything goes wrong with the Kershaw Blur Black Pocketknife, you can take advantage of the limited lifetime warranty.


There is really not too much to know about using the Kershaw Blur Black Pocketknife. Simply hold it in one hand, use your thumb to open it, and then use the interior located switch to close it back up once you are done.

It really doesn’t get much easier than that. Remember to always follow proper knife safety rules. If you need to sharpen the blade, check out the video we have included below.


  • Fairly durable
  • Good value for the price
  • Great grip
  • Sharp and durable blade
  • Small and portable
  • Good safety features


  • Not ideal for large tasks
  • The hinge could be considered a weak point



There is no denying that folding pocket knives are convenient. Still, they usually suffer from one specific problem – the hinge is generally weaker than the rest of the knife.

If you don’t want something like this, then maybe a fixed blade knife like the ESEE Laser Strike Knife would be better for you.


If you need a decent pocketknife that can handle all sorts of jobs, that is reasonably durable yet highly portable, the Kershaw Blur Black Pocketknife is an excellent choice.

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