Kershaw Camp 10 Fixed Blade Knife Review

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If you plan to camp outdoors, there are many tools and accessories you can bring along. Food, water, shelter, and more are needed, but when things get tough, you need a tool to get you through those challenging situations. Most people will carry a good survival knife that can be used for dozens of purposes.

However, a simple knife with a small blade might not always be enough for big jobs. If you need to clear brush, take down small trees, make firewood, etc., you need something like a camp knife or a machete, which is what we will look at today. For those times when you need a monstrous blade, the Kershaw Camp 10 Fixed Blade Knife could be what you want.

If you are a serious outdoorsman needing an equally serious blade, the Kershaw Camp 10 Fixed Blade Knife is worth considering. Today, we want to look at this big blade—its features and benefits, who it is suitable for, etc. Let’s see if it is right for you.

Kershaw Camp 10 Fixed Blade Knife

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The Kershaw Camp 10 Fixed-Blade Knife is a machete with a 10-inch blade made of the highest quality tool steel.

It has a solid and comfortable handle that is easy to hold and a full-tang design for greater balance and excellent durability. Not only does it have a functional and convenient design, but it also looks slick and intimidating.

Nobody in their right mind will start trouble with you if they see you holding the Kershaw Camp 10 Fixed Blade Knife.

Who Is This Knife For?

The Kershaw Camp 10 Fixed Blade Knife is for people who spend a lot of time in the wild and need a big blade for things like clearing brush, chopping firewood, cutting down small trees, making shelter, and more. Essentially, this is the knife you get when your regular survival knife is too small and can’t keep up.

That said, this is a knife that works well for hunting and creating traps; you could even skin an animal with it. You could also use it to create other survival tools.

It has a Ferro rod for starting fires, and you can use it to dig for water and forage for food. Of course, the 10-inch bladed knife is an excellent self-defense tool against animals or people.

What’s Included?

When you purchase the Kershaw Camp 10 Fixed Blade Knife, you get a machete with a 10-inch blade made of high-quality carbon tool steel, so it should stay hard for a long time.

It has a full-tang glass-filled nylon handle for comfort and durability. To ensure that you can carry this knife safely and protect it from damage while not in use, there’s a high-quality molded sheath you can easily attach to a belt.

We recommend the 10-inch model, but there is also an 18-inch model available. However, an 18-inch blade is quite long, and it might be too cumbersome to wield effectively, as it’s more of a broadsword than anything else.

Overview of Features

This is one of the most intimidating camping knives today, a bush knife or machete with a 10-inch blade. A 10-inch blade is not something you’d carry around for everyday use, as it would be too big and cumbersome to be used as a regular knife. However, it’s a good size if you need to clear brush and vines, strip bark, and chop down and process small trees.

The full tang means that the blade material extends down through to the end of the handle. Not only does this allow for superb durability, but it also provides excellent balance, and a good hand feel when swinging this big boy. Surprisingly, although it is a big blade, it’s not overly heavy, so you shouldn’t get fatigued.

Moreover, the blade is made with 65Mn carbon tool steel with a black powder coating. This type of steel is very hard, which means that the Kershaw Camp 10 Fixed Blade Knife should maintain a sharp edge for a long time, plus it’s resistant to chipping, cracking, and other forms of physical damage. Although the steel isn’t corrosion resistant, the powder coating means you can get this blade wet without fear of rusting.

The glass-filled nylon handle is solid and should stay in one piece for years, as it is very impact and abrasion resistant. However, the materials are lightweight. A nonslip rubber layer makes the Kershaw Camp 10 Fixed Blade Knife even more comfortable. It’s soft enough to hold comfortably yet hard enough to be durable. The texture makes the handle easy to hold onto, even when wet.

The included hard sheath has nylon straps to keep the knife in place while not in use, protecting it and yourself. The cool thing is that you can attach the sheath to a belt loop or use the dual straps to secure it directly to your leg.


The only thing you need to know about the Kershaw Camp 10 Fixed Blade Knife is how to sharpen it. If you are using it for clearing brush and chopping up small trees, no matter how good the blade is, you will still need to maintain it regularly. This tutorial video will show you how to do it.


  • Great for large applications
  • Very solid and durable blade
  • Rust-resistant coating
  • Comfortable and durable handle
  • Full-tang design
  • Lightweight for its size
  • Sheath is included


Too large for delicate tasks


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This knife is very large, and if you’d rather have something a bit smaller and more manageable, something like the SOG Seal Pup Elite Tactical Fixed Blade- Survival and Hunting Knife might be suitable for you.


The Kershaw Camp 10 Fixed Blade Knife is worth looking into if you need a big and tough blade for your big jobs.

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